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It's World Sports Journalists Day - Celebrating these journalists and their dedication to the fans. On this day in 1985 'Back to the Future' was release in theaters nationwide. Happy 4th of July everyone! The Salvation Army was founded this day in 1865 by William Booth in London. It's Aphelion Day - This is the day where the Earth in its orbit is the farthest from the Sun.
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Today is Muffler Appreciation Day - Did you know the muffler is solely an acoustic soundproofing device and does not serve any primary exhaust function? It's National Cow Appreciation Day - I find this holiday very mooving! Today is National Cheer Up the Lonely Day - Loneliness can affect the young and the old, and people from all walks of life. It's Paper Bag Day - American inventor, Francis Wolle, received credit for his patent of the first paper bag machine in 1852. Happy Friday the 13th - Did you know the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia?
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It's National Get Out of the Doghouse Day - If you have fallen out of favor with someone, perhaps it's time to apologize. Today is National Tattoo Day - The word “tattoo” is derived from the Polynesian language for tatau which means “to tap or to mark.” Today is National Sour Candy Day - Pucker up folks it's not a sweet holiday. :P Today is Raspberry Cake Day! It's World Jump Day. - Can jumping at the same time shift the earth's orbit?
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It's Amelia Earhart Day - Honoring this famous aviation pioneer. It's National Culinarians Day - It's a day to honor all chefs and cooks and to show our appreciation to them. On this day in 1775, the U.S. postal system is established by the Second Continental Congress, with Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster general. Today is Bagpipe Appreciation Day - The bagpipe can be dated back as early as 1000 BC. Today is National Lasagna Day.
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Today is Paperback Book Day - Albatross Books,a German publishing house, produced the first modern mass-market paperback books. It's Harry Potter's Birthday today! It's National Mountain Climbing Day - This holiday does 'peak' my interest. Today is Dinosaurs Day - dyk scientists believe they first appeared about 245 million years ago? It's Clean Your Floors Day - How many men would it take to mop a floor? No one knows. They've never done it.
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Today is National Root Beer Float Day - Y'all remember the A&W frosty mugged root beer floats? It's National Lighthouse Day - In ancient times, the lighthouse functioned more as an entrance marker to ports than as a warning signal for reefs. It's National Dollar Day - Commemorating the day Congress established the US monetary system in 1786 It's National Betty Boop Day - Her first appearance was on this day in 1930, in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes. Today is National Lazy Day - I'd write more but it's too much effort :P
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It's Cowardly Lion Day - Bert Lahr, who depicted the Cowardly Lion in the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz” was born on this day in 1895. Today is National Wiffle Ball Day - The wiffle ball was invented by David N. Mullany of Fairfield, Connecticut in 1953. On this day in 1969, the Woodstock Music Festival opens in Bethel, New York. It's National Airborne Day - Honoring the nation's airborne forces of the Armed Forces. It's Balloon Airmail Day - On this day 1859, mail is carried by air for the first time in the US by the hotair balloon 'Jupiter'. I wonder if letters don't reach their destination, are they lost in space?
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It's National Lemonade Day - The earliest written evidence of lemonade has been found in Egypt, dated to around AD 1000. On this day in 1959 Hawaii was admitted into the US as our 50th state. Did you know the State of Franklin declared independence on this day in 1784? wiki/State_of_Franklin Can you believe it's been 3 years? I started at PB on this day in 2015 Today is National Cherry Popsicle Day!
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Today is National Banana Lovers Day - Did you know the banana plant is actually the world’s largest herb and closely related to vanilla and ginger. "I Have a Dream" is a public speech delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on this day in 1963. It's National Lemon Juice Day - Why did the lemon stop rolling down the hill? It ran out of juice. It's International Whale Shark Day - These sharks are the largest fish on this planet and are listed as an endangered species. It's National Matchmaker Day - Cupid's arrow knows no bounds.
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Happy Labor Day - Celebrating the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. It's National Wildlife Day - Bringing awareness of the plight of wild animals around the globe. Today is National Cheese Pizza Day. (This pizza is just like my jokes - extra cheesy! :P ) Today is National Read A Book Day. What a novel idea. On this day in 1813, the United States gets its nickname, Uncle Sam.
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It's Blame It on the Large Hadron Collider Day - Shifting blame for losing things from the people who actually lost them, to the Large Hadron Collider. Today is National Make Your Bed Day! Did you know making your bed can help improve your sleep? Today is National Video Games Day! Zoinks! - Scooby Doo, Where Are You! made its debut on this day in 1969. Bust out those crayons, because today is National Coloring Day!
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On this day in 1976, NASA publicly unveils its first space shuttle, the Enterprise, during a ceremony in Palmdale, CA. Today is National Ceiling Fan Day. - The electrically powered ceiling fan was invented in 1882 by Philip Dieh. Today is National School Backpack Awareness Day - Be safe: Pack it light and wear it right. Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day! Today is Miniature Golf Day
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Today is the National Bluebird of Happiness Day - This symbol of happiness is found in many cultures dating back thousands of years. Today is National Comic Book Day - The first modern comic book, Famous Funnies, was released in the U.S. in 1933. It's National Lumberjack Day - What does a lumberjack do before turning off the computer? He logs off. Can't believe I was so busy that I forgot to create my avatar today! It's National Good Neighbor Day - Celebrating the importance of a having and being a good neighbor.
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Today is Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention - It's National Custodial Worker's Recognition Day - Show appreciation to men and women who keep our schools and workplaces running smoothly. Today is Balloons Around the World Day - The rubber balloon was invented by Michael Faraday in 1824 Today is National Taco Day - Say have you heard the joke about the tortilla? Nvm, it was corny. It's National Manufacturing Day - Inspiring pursuit in careers of manufacturing and engineering to develop products and unlock new technologies.
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On this day 1871 flames spark in the O'Leary barn igniting the Great Chicago fire. Legend has it their cow started it. Today is National Sneakers Day - The name "sneakers" originally referred to how quiet the rubber soles were on the ground. Today is National Tuxedo Day - It was named after Tuxedo Park, a Hudson Valley enclave for New York’s social elite. Today is National Food Truck Day - In the US, the Texas chuckwagon is a precursor to the American food truck. It's National Savings Day - Recognizing the value and act of saving your hard earned money.
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Today is Global Handwashing Day - Washing hands at critical points during the day and washing with soap are both important. It's Dictionary Day honoring Noah Webster, father of the American Dictionary, born this day 1758. It's National Fossil Day - Celebrating the scientific and educational value of paleontology and the importance of preserving fossils for future generations. Today is Spirit Day - Showing support for LGBTQ youth and taking a stand against bullying. It's Evaluate Your Life Day - The time comes in every life where we have to take an accounting of the path we're on.
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Today is National Color Day - Colors influence our mood, productivity and behavior in our lives. It's International Snow Leopard Day - Raising awareness of this endangered species. On this day in 1901, 63yo schoolteacher Annie Edson Taylor becomes the first person to plunge over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, was born this day in 1881. It's National Frankenstein Friday - Recognizing author Mary Shelly who penned the novel Frankenstein when she was 20.
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It's National Candy Corn Day - George Renninger invented this iconic Halloween treat in the 1880's Happy Halloween! It's Prime Meridian Day - On this day in 1884 22 countries voted to adopt the Greenwich meridian as the prime meridian of the world. It's Fountain Pen Day - An early historical mention of what appears to be a reservoir (fountain) pen dates back to the 10th century. Daylight Saving Time ended at 2am this morning - Did you all remember to "fall back" one hour?
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Today is World Tsunami Awareness Day -
It's National Saxophone Day - Commemorating the birth of the woodwind's inventor Adolphe Sax. Happy Diwali - Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights symbolizing the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Today is National Cappuccino Day! - Cappuccino originated as the coffee beverage kapuziner in the Viennese coffee houses in the 1700s. Today is Go to an Art Museum Day - It doesn't take a lot of Monet to visit a museum. So just Gogh.
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Observing the US holiday - Veterans Day. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated on this day in 1982 Today is Operating Room Nurse Day - Celebrating these skilled and dedicated professionals. Today is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day! On this day in 2001, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone opens in movie theaters across the US.
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President Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address on this day in 1863. Today is National Entrepreneur's Day - Celebrating those radical inventions by brilliant minds. It's World Hello Day - Highlighting the importance of personal communication for preserving peace. Happy Thanksgiving! The first issue of the pictorial magazine Life is published on this day in 1936.
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Today is National Cake Day - “Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!” Today is National Electric Guitar Day - Did you know the electric guitar was invented in 1931? It's Red Planet Day - Celebrating our 'neighbor' and the launch of Mariner 4 in 1964 which gave us our first close up pictures. Today is Square Dancing Day - This form of dance has been around since at least the 16th century. It's National Mason Jar Day - John Landis Mason invented and patented the mason jar in 1858.
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Today is National Apple Pie Day - Did you know apple pie is considered an American cultural icon? Today is International Cheetah Day - The world’s fastest land animal is racing against extinction. It's Walt Disney Recognition Day - Recognizing this very special day in the spirit in which Walt Disney entertained all. This day 1884, workers place a 9" aluminum pyramid atop a tower of white marble, completing the construction of the Washington Monument. Today is National Letter Writing Day - There's nothing like some good old fashioned pen and ink.
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Today is Nobel Prize Day - The first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901. Do they give one for avatars? It's International Mountain Day - Did you know mountains make up 22% of the world's surface? It's Gingerbread House Day - Though be cautious, encountering one in a forest could be grimm. Today is National Cocoa Day - Did you know cocoa contains significant amounts of antioxidants? Norwegian Roald Amundsen becomes the first explorer to reach the South Pole on this day in 1911.
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Today is Bake Cookies Day - Cookies appear to have their origins in 7th century AD Persia. On this day in 1732, Benjamin Franklin first published Poor Richard’s Almanack. Today is Games Day - Sorry if this holiday causes any trouble. Just a risk one has to take. Today is Don't Make Your Bed Day - Hmm, I celebrate this every day. :P Happy Christmas Eve Eve!
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Ho Ho Ho - It's Christmas Eve - Don't forget to leave out the milk and cookies! Today is National Candy Cane Day. It's Howdy Doody Day - Howdy debuted on television on this day in 1947. Today is National Call a Friend Day - Phone-a-friend can be a lifeline in more ways than one. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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