Coding Help Board Rules

The Coding Help Board is governed by the rules of this forum AND by the board specific rules listed below:

Please note that as this is a new board, we reserve the right to make adjustments to these board rules to ensure the board operates smoothly and successfully. Please review periodically.


The Coding Help Board is a peer-to-peer help board for coding questions that do not specifically apply to the Plugins, Themes, Templates, or Headers & Footers boards. Coding Help can be help with an existing code you are using, code you’ve created, or a request for new code to be used on your forum.

Requests for help modifying an existing plugin build or theme code need to be submitted on that item’s support thread.


You may bump your thread once every 24 hours, however if you have additional information to add, you should modify your last post. Once you are being helped, there should be no further bumping.

Board Specific Rules:

  • Check existing help requests and the Coding Library prior to posting to avoid duplication of a request/code.
  • Review the prohibited list of code requests that are unacceptable.
  • ProBoards Forums Only - Any help requests for rival forums or for websites will be locked or deleted.
  • If requesting help with an existing code, then that code should free from a copyright notice that prohibits changes. This doesn’t mean delete a copyright notice before posting the code.
  • Please put lengthy code in a spoiler tag.
  • Use the [code][/code] or [noparse][/noparse] tags when posting code.
  • Do not make more than one topic for the same help request - your duplicate will be locked.
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, delete your first post!
  • Please remember that this service is provided for free and on a volunteer basis.
  • All codes appearing on this board are candidates for the Code Library.
  • If you no longer require assistance with a code, please post as such.

Making a Request for Help:

  • Always make sure to detail what the code should do (or does).
  • For existing code, include the entire code, purpose, and link to source.
  • For your own code, include the entire code.
  • State whether the code is existing (from somewhere else) or one you wrote.
  • For new code requests, please include all relevant information detailing what you’d like the code to do.
  • If using existing or your own code, explain what steps you’ve taken and the results. Include screenshots if doing so will offer clarity to your issue.
  • You may be asked to open you forum beyond the “Guests Must Login” or “Maintenance Mode”, however we caution never to give admin access to someone you don’t know.
  • You may be asked to provide a list of current plugins being used.
  • You may be asked for the the theme(s) being used, especially if a theme is pre-made from the Themes Library or a ProBoards member’s site, as some of these contain CSS/template modifications.
  • You should disclose if you are using any header/footer code or any other code related information that may affect the code for which you’re seeking help.

Filling a Request for Help:

  • Make sure the request follows the rules for coding help as well as the forum.
  • Check existing requests and the Coding Library to avoid duplication of a request/code.
  • Make sure the request does not contain anything on the reject list.
  • Before you reply in a thread, make sure that the request is actually something that you know how to accomplish.
  • Please do not respond saying that you'll make a code if you know that you won't be able to in a correct and timely manner.
  • Make sure any code offered is tested prior to sharing with the requestor.

Prohibitied Code List:

Prohibited codes are either not endorsed by ProBoards, may not work properly with our software, and/or may be a violation of the TOS/Developer Guidelines. The following types of codes are prohibited:

  • Codes that display information on an external site.
  • Codes that stop members deleting themselves.
  • Codes for automatically deleting members.
  • Codes that give others access to the security log.
  • Codes for anything that would be an invasion of privacy.
  • Codes for extra options before registering.
  • Codes that make requests to ProBoards' servers except through methods explicitly allowed for by ProBoards (such as plugin set() functions). Examples of prohibited codes include using ‹iframe› tags to access forum content, or making AJAX requests to ProBoards forums.
  • Codes that affect the placement of advertisements on any ProBoards forum, except those specifically authorized by ProBoards.
  • Codes which cause automatic redirects on page load to a new URL or automatic refreshes.
  • Codes which rely on external code to work properly. Note that using external data is acceptable, so long as that data is loaded asynchronously.
  • Codes which use plugin keys to store unrelated data, e.g., sharing a single plugin key between multiple unrelated plugins.

ProBoards reserves the right to reject any code which may adversely affect the user experience or interfere with the operation of its software.

Code Library Submissions:

Members are invited to submit their own code for inclusion in the Coding Help Library. Codes derived from the Coding Help board are already candidates for the Library.

  • Submitted code needs to be your own and not copied from another source.
  • Submissions will be evaluated for accuracy, syntax, conciseness, as well as usefulness and reliability.
  • Use the [code][/code] or [noparse][/noparse] tags when posting code.
  • Please put lengthy code in a spoiler tag.
  • Submissions should include a detailed description of what the code does. If relevant, include screenshots. An evaluator may request a link to the forum to see the code in use (forum would need to have guest access).
  • Specify where the code should reside: theme’s CSS, which layout template, headers/footers (global, main, board).

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Plugins Request Board Rules

The Plugins Request Board is governed by the rules of this forum AND by the board specific rules listed below:


Plugins Request is a board for requesting a plugin to be developed by a volunteer member. Since the coders are volunteers, remain patient for your request to be addressed.


You may bump your thread once every 24 hours, however if you have additional information to add, you should modify your last post.

Board Specific Rules:

  • Prior to making a request, check the plugin database and the currently open request threads first.
  • Make only one plugin request per thread.
  • No more than 3 open requests at a time.
  • Plugin requests should be for a desired task and not a laundry list of functions you would like to see as a plugin.
  • If you no longer need the plugin, make a post in your thread stating you no longer need assistance.

Submitting a Request:

Include all relevant information:

  1. Use a descriptive thread title (generally the purpose of the plugin)
  2. A forum URL
  3. Clear description of what the plugin is supposed to do and/or what is achieved by using the plugin.
  4. Include any pictures or links that help describe the function of the plugin’s purpose.

Things to Consider Prior to Making Your Request:

Is the plugin you're requesting useful for every forum on ProBoards or just your own?

Even if you have a super cool plugin idea, plugins can take a long time to create depending on the complexity of the request. Whether or not the plugin will be widely used may be a factor in whether or not your request is accepted.

Plugins do not securely hide content that exists on the page beforehand.

If you're looking for a plugin to restrict an existing forum feature or hide something that exists on the forum by default you'll want to take this into consideration. Plugins run after the page content loads and cannot modify the output of the page before it's received from the server. A plugin can hide an element on the page but that's not going to make the element inaccessible as the element still exists on the page so it's very much possible to circumvent the restriction put in place by the plugin. This isn't meant to outright discourage you from requesting this type of plugin, but rather to let you know beforehand that they don't actually hide your content in case you wonder one day why your users are suddenly able to bypass your plugin's restrictions.

Plugins can only access data that is on the page you're currently viewing.

This means that a plugin cannot reach into the forum's database to display data that doesn't already exist on the page. If data exists in the source of the page you're viewing the plugin can find it, but if something only exists on one page and you want it to instead show on every page you're unfortunately out of luck.

Plugins do not load on the mobile version of the forum.

This is so that plugins containing much more bandwidth-intensive material do not consume as much of the data available on users' mobile plans. If your forum is going to run in a way that is dependent on a plugin's functionality working during every post you may want to consider this before requesting that plugin's creation.

Graphic Design Discussion Board Rules

The Graphics Design Discussion Board is governed by the rules of this forum AND by the board specific rules listed below:


Graphics Design Discussion is a board for designers and non-designers to discuss graphics design, their work and to improve their graphics skills.

Requests for Graphics Design should be made here.


You may bump your thread once every 24 hours.

Board Specific Rules:

  • Please make clear what you want rated - post the image (or a link if the image is more than 500px wide).
  • Don't ask people to rate your "current signature" or "current avatar" since if you change your sig/avatar, you will confuse people.
  • No recruiting for designers (graphics or themes/skins).
  • Try to be as helpful as possible. This means being specific (explain the process used, link to the font site) and giving a few decent comments on other people's work (see Commenting on Work below).
  • Only reply to threads if you can add to the discussion - or in the case of questions, if you can actually give a helpful answer.

Commenting On Work:

Please give as full a comment as you can, rather than just “that’s awesome”, etc. Some suggested areas of comment might be:

  • Colors
  • Flow/Blending
  • Style
  • Focus/How Busy
  • Depth
  • Text
  • Border
  • Size
  • Appeal to You
  • General Opinion

Try to explain what you mean, how to do something, etc, where possible. Give a decent critique and say how it might be improved. All critiques should be constructive, and non-insulting.

Graphic Design Library Board Rules

The Graphic Design Library Board is governed by the rules of this forum AND by the board specific rules listed below:


The Graphic Design Library is a repository of free graphics submitted by members for members for use on ProBoards forums.


No bumping.

Rules for USING Images:

  • Please save the image to your own computer and upload to your own photo host or paste the link to the image directly into your theme. Some graphic contributors may indicate they are willing to host the image but you never know when they may forget and delete the image from their photo host so we recommend you re-host.
    • To save: Right click on the image and select "save as" to a file on your computer.
    • Upload or paste link to your theme: Admin > Themes > Theme Manager > (Select the theme) Images Tab.
  • Do not ask for changes to be made to an image unless the graphic contributor posted they are willing to make changes. Some images are to be used "as is". Some members may provide a file that you can download and make changes to the image to suit your needs.
  • Giving credit to the contributor on your website is optional.
  • Post your thanks in the very thread you found the image you intend to use.

Rules for SUBMITTING Images:

  • The subject of your thread should reflect what kind of image(s) you are offering. (Examples: Banner backgrounds, On/Off icons, Forum Backgrounds, etc.) Each member must create their own thread and keep their "like-images" in the first post of one thread. For example, if you created a thread with on/off (new/old) icons and have more to share, edit your first post to add them. Do not create a new thread. Please be sure to note if there is anything different with these images, such as, not willing to edit. If you have a different type of image, such as banner backgrounds, then create a new thread.
  • Images should not exceed 800px by 500px. If your image is larger please provide the link to the image instead of posting the image. In addition to the link, providing a thumbnail view of the image would be optimal.
  • Images should not exceed 1mb. Please try to optimize your image for fast loading.
  • Images must be in the jpeg, gif or png formats.
  • If you want members to host your images with their own image hosting service, please make a note of that in your post.
  • Please note if you will accept requests for changes to your image or if they are meant to be used "as is".
  • Do not use copyrighted images in your graphic designs.
  • If you are using someone else's graphic in your design, please be sure you have permission to use the graphic in the way you intend to use it and that that permission extends to others by posting it here on ProBoards.
  • When you are offering your images for members to use, you are doing so knowing you do not expect credit to be posted on that member’s site unless they choose to do so.
  • Images posted to this library are done so for free use with ProBoards forums and without expectation of compensation.
  • Do not add images to someone else's thread. Create your own thread.
  • Graphics submitted should be original works created by you. The exceptions would be using other artwork that is intended for free usage to enhance a graphic such as tube art or clip art but keeping the graphic roughly 70% your original creation.

  • Examples of what is acceptable:
  • Example 1. Using someone else's background that will enhance your graphic, perhaps in a layer, but not be the focal point of the graphic. A good rule of thumb: The background isn't easily discernable as belonging to the original creator.

  • Example 2. You are using a premade flower to enhance your already amazing design that could stand on it's own without the flower.

  • Examples of what is NOT acceptable:
  • Example 1. You found a cool background online and you arranged some Pokémon images on the background.

  • Example 2. You found some nice icons online and put them in your graphics program to change the color. (An exception to this rule: You have permission to change the color of a pre-made and offer them here on ProBoards. In this example, you should credit the original artist or make it clear, this is not your design.)

Graphic Design Request Board Rules

The Graphic Design Request Board is governed by the rules of this forum AND by the board specific rules listed below:


The Graphics Design Request Board is the place where members can request a graphic for use on their forum. Requests are filled by other members. This is a peer board - requests are not filled by ProBoards directly.


You may bump once every 24 hours. You may add additional information by modifying your original post; or if you choose to add a post to your thread you must wait the allotted 24 hours and that post will count as your bump.

Board Specific Rules:

  • All posts/threads on this board need to be relevant to the purpose of this board.
  • If you have a design forum or a forum with a graphics request board, you may post a request but your graphics request board must be open to guests. Since you should be able to design your own graphics, such requests may not be a priority. We will leave it to the discretion of the graphic artists as to whether they fill your request.
  • Theme Requests and Template Requests each have their own board and should not be made here.
  • ProBoards Forums Only - Any requests for rival forums or for websites will be locked or deleted. forums are eligible.
  • Forum URL must be provided in original post.
  • Forums need to be open to view and maintenance mode needs to be switched off.
  • Only 4 requests per person/forum may be made in one week. This means 7 days from the time you make your first request. Any more will be locked. Do NOT create multiple accounts to try to get around this rule.
  • Do not make more than one topic for the same request - your duplicate will be locked.
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, delete your first post!
  • Please remember that this service is provided for free and on a volunteer basis.

Making a Request:

  • Provide as much detail as you can when making a request. That includes supplying pictures, hex colors, and a link to a free font. This will ensure that your request is completed in a timely manner.
  • If/when your request is filled, be sure to rehost the image(s) yourself. Do not expect the person who filled your request to host the images for you. It's always best to save and rehost, in the off chance that a person's host goes offline or they delete the images from their hosting. If you don't know what rehosting means or would like instructions on how to go about it, feel free to PM Scott.
  • If your graphic request has been filled then please put [FILLED] or just [F] in your thread title. This will help those filling requests to see which requests have already been taken care of and let staff see that the thread can now be locked.
  • Do not send PMs to staff members or even regular members asking them to do your request unless they specifically ask you to or have a note in there profile telling people they can be PM'd for requests.

    • Images:

      • If you want any pictures used in the graphic you are requesting, they will need to be supplied by the requester.
      • Do NOT steal images from other forums, etc. and request that alterations be made to them.
      • If you have permission to use someone else’s images then proof needs to be provided or the request will be denied.
      • Do NOT submit images that are copyrighted for use. Just because an image can be web searched does not mean that it is necessarily free for use.

Filling a Request:

  • While volunteering your time to respond to a request is appreciated, please do not fulfill a request if the requester/request is not in align with the rules. Please do not mini-mod the request, just use the Report Post feature and a moderator with review the request.
  • When filling a request please post the image (using IMG tags) and post the link to the image unless the size of the image is larger than 500x250 pixels. In that case, please post the link only.
  • When filling a gradient request, if a specific size is not asked for, please do not create 1 pixel wide gradients. Make them at least 20-30 pixels wide so that it is easier for the person to save the image as well as preview what the gradient looks like.
  • If you see a request that you would like to do and you post a message saying that you will do the request, be sure that you do fill the request in a timely manner. There is no use in posting to say you will fill it if you do not have time to do it.
  • If someone else has posted a graphic they made for someone then it is best to wait to see if the requester is satisfied with the graphic first before attempting to fill the request yourself. In the case of two people working on the same request at approximately the same time and both posting images ... that's not a problem. That also applies if you see that someone has attempted to fill a request but the image they posted is nowhere near what the requester asked for.
  • DO NOT post a link to your website in your posts when filling a request. Advertising of any kind is only allowed in the Advertisement board and in your signatures. So please keep them there!