General Talk Board Rules

The General Talk Board is governed by the rules of this forum AND by the board specific rules listed below:


General Talk is a board for open discussion where threads should be thoughtful and not aimless. There are no topic restrictions so long as the subject matter does not violate the Rules of this forum or ProBoards Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.


No bumping. You may participate in a conversation, but do not bump a board specifically for the purpose of keeping it alive. This includes necroposting, which is posting in a thread that has been inactive for at least 30 days.

Board Specific Rules:

  • Thread subjects should be relevant to the topic and not misleading.
  • Do not create threads where the subject at hand is already being discussed.
  • Do not make frivolous threads or posts. In other words, don’t make posts regarding your post count, that you love peanut butter, that you’re bored, or your BRB status, etc.
  • No "word games" or any threads which result in many just 1 or 2 word replies at fast intervals.

Professional Advice:

Participants should not make posts seeking advice on matters relating to health concerns (physical or mental), financial decisions, or legal matters. Additionally we caution against receiving advice from participants claiming to be a professional as their qualifications cannot be verified. An avid discussion of a topic is acceptable so long as the distinction between an opinion oriented discussion and advice seeking/giving is maintained.


  • Polls must have at least 2 choices.
  • Polls should be designed to promote discussion. In the starting post, the purpose of the poll should be clearly explained and include encourage for members to comment on their choice.
  • The poll creator should lead by posting their choice and why.
  • Think carefully before posting the poll, do some research if needed (don't want to miss an option).
  • No tournaments.
  • Any poll that does not follow the above guidelines will be locked.

Board Specific Ban:

There is a member group that excludes access to the General Talk board. Members that violate one of the rules will be placed in this group for 30 days in addition to their standard 50% warning.

If repeated rule violation occurs, member may be in this group on a permanent basis. General Talk is an awesome and strong community and the objective is to ensure that it remains that way. Members who are found circumnavigating this temporary "time out" will be permanently banned. We continue to urge members to please report issues as soon as they appear.

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Game Board New Proposals Rules

The Proposing A New Game Board is governed by the rules of this forum AND by the board specific rules listed below:


The Proposing A New Game Board is the place for members to submit their game to be approved for the Game Board. The new game thread is only viewable by the thread creator and staff (PB Admin and moderators) while under review.


No bumping. New games will be reviewed periodically.

Board Specific Rules:

  • Games need to be PG-13.
  • Games should be designed such that they can be enjoyed by the masses. Avoid subject matter that is too specific. A game involving Star Wars is acceptable as it is reasonable that the majority of members are familiar with the topic whereas a game involving Raspberry Pi, would not be as familiar. The idea is that the game can be played by any member. Although obscure subjects may be approved if the game is sufficiently explained so all can easily understand and participate.
  • Game instructions should be clearly defined.
  • In addition to the initial thread post explaining the game, the creator should also make the first post playing the game, so that an example is set.
  • If a game is denied, do not badger staff for approval.
  • Games should be unique and not a copy of a game already in progress.
  • For proposed games whose success could be questionable, staff reserve the right to create a poll to gauge members’ reaction. Members would be invited to vote on whether the proposed should be added to the Game Board. The results of the poll would determine the fate of the game. Game creators cannot request a poll.
  • Staff reserve the right to deny any game for any reason without an explanation.

How to Submit a Game:

  1. Member creates a thread exactly as they would be setting up the game, and makes the first playing post.
  2. A staff member will review the game.
  3. Any questions about the game or suggestions to make the game more universally playable will be posted in the thread by a staff member.
  4. If changes are required, edit the thread (first post and example post, as needed) and then post in thread that the changes have been made.
  5. If approved, staff will remove all posts but the first post and example post, and then move the thread to the Game Board.
  6. If denied, staff will make a post in the thread.

Be creative and have fun!

Welcome Board Rules

The Welcome Board is governed by the rules of this forum AND by the board specific rules listed below:


The Welcome Board is for NEW members only to introduce themselves to ProBoards.

To New Members:
Welcome to the Support Forum of Please use this board to introduce yourself to the other members of the community.


No bumping.

Board Specific Rules:

  • Only new members may start threads. A new member is someone who is new to this Support Forum, regardless if they are or have been an existing member of a ProBoards forum.
  • Existing members are free to welcome these new members but should not deviate from the true intention of this board.

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