Support Board Rules (Posting Guidelines)

The threads on the Support board are a living resource offering a wealth of information for members. 24/7 Members can search through threads for answers and ideas. The Support Board is constantly expanding with new questions, new solutions and new approaches.

Creating a New Thread on Support

General Guidelines for posting your issue:

  • One issue per thread and one thread per issue. Do not create duplicate threads on the same issue, post about your issue in multiple threads, or hijack another member's thread.
  • Do not bump your thread. Questions are answered in order from oldest to newest. Bumping just delays getting a response.
  • Be polite to the Admins as well as other members that offer assistance.
  • Check if your issue is systemwide and is being addressed in a sticky at the top of the Support Board.
  • No necroposting, even if it's your own thread.
  • Please put lengthy code in a spoiler tag.
  • Do NOT delete your posts. Even if your issue is resolved, your issue may be helpful to other members that search the Support Board.

Step 1: Please create your own thread.

Although your issue may appear to have the same symptoms as another member, often the cause and solution are different. Separate threads allow for continuity within the thread conversation and more personalized support.

Step 2: Enter your forum's URL.

Please provide the URL to your forum. If you want it only visible to ProBoards Admin (staff) and not public you can tick a box to keep it private.

Step 3: Enter a descriptive thread title.

Your subject line should be a short summary of the issue. Example: "Bookmark notification bubble will not go away"

Your title should NOT be:
  • Excessive in punctuation: !!!!! ??????
  • A question starting in the title and finishing it in the post.
  • Short one or two word titles such as: Broken, Not Working, Help, Quick Question

Step 4: Explain your issue.

Describe the issue you are having with as much relative detail as possible. Minimal or missing information will delay the resolution of your issue. Even if you described the issue in your subject line (thread title), still include it in your post.

Your post should contain:
  • Correct terminology. Calling boards forums or threads boards can cause confusion.
  • A concise detailed explanation of your issue. List steps taken so issue can be recreated.
  • Cite examples if applicable.
  • Screenshot(s) if applicable.
  • Any relative links to the issue.
  • Did you receive an error message? Provide a screenshot or the error text.

Do NOT Include:

  • Your email address
  • Your password
  • Your real address, phone or other personal information
  • Personal information of another member

Replying to a Thread on Support

The responsibility of responding to an issue:

Members visit the Support Board to get answers to issues they are having. It is important that the Support threads are kept consistent with the issue at hand and not be overly cluttered with random comments or other posts that are not directly involved with providing a resolution.

It is important that the information provided is concisely accurate with adequate instructions. Please only respond to a thread if you are the thread creator or are offering to help.


Be Polite

We understand that an issue may have you frustrated. However, please be courteous to those trying to help. Remember, no one but you knows exactly what you are experiencing with the issue. Sometimes questions are necessary to sift through the steps taken or to rule out certain causes.

Provide Information & Results

Please provide the information requested whether the request is from a PB Admin or member trying to help. Do not respond with another question (topic) or jump 3 steps ahead without bringing everyone up to date.

NEVER post login information (password or email address); or add a member to a forum and give them admin powers. A ProBoards Support Admin will never ask you for your password or personal information.

Try Suggestions Offered

If asked to try different options, post the results of each option tried. Avoid a "did not work" response. If a suggestion has a different effect, let us know.

Also do not respond to a suggestion (or solution) with just "I don't understand". Please explain what it is you do not understand so that we may clarify it.

Your Issue is Solved

If you were able to solve the issue before a Support Admin or member was able to respond; or a suggestion provided works, please post back letting us know your issue is resolved. If multiple suggestions were provided, please let us know which one worked for you.

It is not necessary to edit your title to add "resolved or fixed" - we mark them resolved internally, yet still review each thread for closure on an issue.

Keep the Thread Intact

Please do NOT delete the thread or your posts.

The Support Board is not just a place for asking questions, but a resource for those seeking answers and alternative solutions. Also, keep in mind that even if you figured out the solution yourself, the information in your thread could help someone else.

Keeping your thread intact also benefits you. With your forum URL listed in the thread, your forum is linked to an authorative source (ProBoards Support) and will aid in increasing your SEO value.


Do NOT request forum access, or any admin or staff permissions in the course of offering assistance. Asking to view the forum as a guest is acceptable.

Be Polite

Understand that the member with the issue may be frustrated. Please be courteous and reassuring that we are a community and are working together to assist in solving the issue.

Exercise The Three R's

READ: the OP post thoroughly to make sure you understand the issue.

REVIEW: the entire thread for additional information provided or so that you are not repeating a response.

RESPOND: only if you are able to provide a constructive response that is accurate and/or pertinent to the issue at hand.

Constructive Replies

Any link to a PB forum must only link to forums that are open (no-registration required). Referring to any non-PB forum is prohibited. All linking should be to the relevant page and the post should be clear on what the member is to expect when following the link.

Do not offer code or any information that is copyrighted.

Replies should ideally be with thought to the scope of the issue for the member currently as well as members that may seek similar answers through the thread. Avoid hopping in a thread and posting short one-offs, such as "try this" (with a link).

Don't Post for Posts Sake

Please do not post just for the sake of posting or inflating your post count. Also do not rush to hit every thread appearing to be helpful while providing no real information towards a solution.

Responding to thread with "same", "me to", "this happened to me" or "I've heard about this" is extremely frowned upon.

Avoid blindly guessing at a solution. An educated guess based on the facts provided and previous experience or knowledge of a similar issue is acceptable.

Respect the Responders

If you observe an Admin or another helping member successfully interacting with the OP to solve an issue, please stop and consider whether your post will assist in the resolution or could it confuse and distract the OP.

PB Admins may step in at any time to offer clarification if needed or the "stamp of approval".